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That was needlessly difficult but I can now directly syndicate with the api so can, at some undefined future point, look into other api options like post scope or polls (unlikely).. or in some even further point in the future can possibly extend to syndication to pixelfed..

back of a black manjaro community edition pinephone. white pinephone box in background.

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After 17 days in the fermenter (much longer than I normally leave it), I’ve transferred my latest imperial stout into a keg.

In order to try and nail whether my ‘too much yeast in sample’ theory on preciously misses final gravity targets was correct, I took samples at start, ~25%, ~50% and ~75% of the way through the transfer for refractometer measures and an additional hydrometer sample at ~75%.

Somewhat frustratingly the refractometer result was the same for all 4 samples and around the same high level of previous brews (around 1.042 specific gravity)..

.. however the hydrometer returnes 1.022 a mere 0.006 above my final target!

One of these devices requires tuning (by a clueless me) and the other is likely accurate!

So the estimated ABV on the brewsheet is 8.9% (though the brewer’s friend calculator corrects that to 8.8%) and I have hit 8.01%!

I shall celebrate in a few weeks once it has carbonated!

shot of hydrometer resting at 1.02SG in a beaker of imperial stout

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Almost certainly not a good place to rest a monitor but adding this to my setup today (after initial manjaro & pulseaudio fuckwittery) was a real boon to studying!

Alt not yet added, will fix!