My wife was going a bit Marie Kondo today and amongst the boxes of stuff to be thrown out was this wee canon camera.

.. it has now been rescued and granted to my toddler daughter.. it was fascinating to see what she found to be photo-worthy. I’m hoping that this will be something that keeps her entertained and I think that I’ll upload the “best” or favourite from each session to her own account on our pixelfed instance.

silver coloured canon ixy digital compact camera

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To the Shaft theme tune:

Who is a guy who hates xmas but loves cooking for any occasion? this guy! you’re damn right

Who is a guy who makes pigs in blankets, without pigs but better than just blankets? This guy’s wife! not a guy

(Tune bit which inconveniently splits the lines)

Who is a guy who most likely doesn’t remember the theme tune to Shaft! This guy? you’re almost certainly right!


“Giant sausage roll” - chestnut mushroom and nut roast with cranberry, cinnamon and nutmeg flavours in pastry

“Sprouts n stuff” - sticky, crunchy woodland mushrooms and shallots

“Crunchy spuds” - thyme, rosemary & garlic roasted tatties

“Sausage and bacongine” - vegan sausage wrapped in smokey marinated aubergine slices!

All from the the Bish Bash BOSH! Cookbook

Cooked pastry containing a nut & mushroom filling, brown, shiny and crispy looking Same pastry dish from before but sliced open revealing the nut and mushroom filling Brussel sprouts with stick mushrooms, shallots and covered with a sprinkling of toasted almond flakes A bit plate, one half covered in very crunchy roasted potatoes, the other with vegan sausage and aubergine bacon on cocktail sticks

Very simple brew tomorrow and notes written up in advance.. I thought maybe reading over the recipe and instructions might take a little longer.. I guess I really do need to go and clean the kit now.

handwritten brew day preparation notes in small notepad with recipe book open in background.

Just signed up to the manjaro forum to ask a question about the pinephone experience and was surprised to find this under preferences..

.. my desktop OS is .. manjaro..

Screenshot of recently used devices listing my device as a windows computer.

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Hmm as per the software manager advice, I tapped the “reboot and update” button on my pinephone.. about an hour ago and it’s still doing one or the other..

.. have I accidentally deployed windows to it?

manjaro boot screen with perpetually spinning activity circle.

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  • Normal status syndication? ✔️
  • Content warnings? ✔️
  • Photo uploads? ✔️
  • Captions? ✔️

That was needlessly difficult but I can now directly syndicate with the api so can, at some undefined future point, look into other api options like post scope or polls (unlikely).. or in some even further point in the future can possibly extend to syndication to pixelfed..

back of a black manjaro community edition pinephone. white pinephone box in background.

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