Oops, I was too busy concentrating on typing emails of introduction to some Japanese brewers that I seem to have missed the last class of the semester on this tedious course.. ah well.

I wish that I had a chance to see some of the six Nations rugby this year, #Scotland seem to have been fantastically well, losing just 2 games (to our Celtic kin) by a small amount of points and finishing above brexitania Snr. (Brexitania jnr. won - and fair play to them).. I have to try and watch next year’s tournament particularly if we will be moving to Japan towards the end of it.

My wife thought it would be a good idea to reach out to her home town’s government regarding our intention to apply for their rural regeneration scheme (it is a good idea) and it seems like we’ll have a video chat at 9am one day next week.. I am already exceptionally nervous, I only speak Japanese when in Japan and need a wind up period to get in to it.. was expecting an interview further down the road but not so soon.. I hope I don’t come across as entirely incompetent.. it’s an information session rather than an interview, I guess, but it feels like there is a lot riding on this meeting.. I hope the people in the village who have been talking to them about me haven’t exaggerated my Japanese level..

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My daughter and I are just discovering the delights of “Pul Pul モルカー” on Netflix.. aside from the cuteness overload which my daughter loves, it’s actually really funny.. finally the relentless “Peppa pig” onslaught and weirdness that is “Cocomelon” has a worthy competitor.

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Ooh it seems like Deepl has added Japanese to their translator since the last time I checked.

I just used it to translate an article from note and whilst the translation wasn’t perfect, it was very readable and a lot better than anything I remember from my uni days.

I’ll have to get my wife to verify how the English to Japanese translation holds up for one of my blog posts.. and if it’s good enough to use to translate my blog posts for that platform.

Now that my assignment is submitted and my final one isn’t released until 26th of April.. I have time to work on different things and maybe reach out to brewers for hopeful voice post-lockdown brewery visits and to pen (digitally) emails for Japanese brewers to introduce myself (though the initial ones know of me already).. but the first point of order, is a big decision concerning a more pressing question and yes, I think, having given serious consideration, I WILL have a beer with my lunch.

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OK, today I will start and finish my 2nd assignment for this tedious course.

I need to write a reflective essay on how the 6 brewing safety courses that I completed could be applied in the mystical realm of whisky packaging and what, if any, further training might be required.

Maximum word count is 1,000 but given the whisky packaging process is seemingly a dark art not covered by any books or journals that I can find, I think 300 words is more likely..

.. now, how do I stretch “I don’t know and I don’t care” out to 300 words.. hmmm

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My wife is quite keen on me posting to note.com as there is a Japanese craft beer community there. It’s a a Japanese social media site of sorts, I guess.. a bit of a mixed bag of content and a little daunting..

I found out that it has an API and thought that maybe I could write a script to syndicate to it but it seems the API is pull only.. I think, so no dice..

It’s a lot of things that I have been actively avoiding but realistically for networking purposes I will have to give it a go.. I feel I should write some Japanese as it feels pretty arrogant to me to land on a seemingly monolingual platform and post in another language but my wife assures me that I should post in English anyway.. we’ll see how this develops.. but POSSE’ing to it would be a huge preference if I’m going to stick with it.

Had the first of what I hope is many hilarious ‘trying to raise a bilingual child’ moments earlier today..

We were eating dinner and chatting and my daughter was babbling, and said something to mama along the lines of ” grumpy face?” to which my wife distractedly responded, yes and pointed at me.. then she muttered something along the lines of “意味が分からない” which means “I didn’t understand the meaning”..

My daughter put her hand on my wife’s arm and slowly enunciated, “I said GRUMPY”

It may have been a ‘you had to be there’ moment but I’m still giggling about it..l


5 brew days in the first quarter of the year (even though the first one was a failure)! Target of 15 beers in 2021 looking very attainable!

Had a taste of the wort before adding yeast and if I’ve done the right thing with the mash, then hopefully some of the sweetness will carry through to the beer.

Had a nice caramel aroma but that is likely to dissipate through fermentation.. probably about 6 weeks before this one is tastes as the style appears to benefit from a longer maturation period..