Theory test done, now to leave Glasgow and head home to try and book another theory test for my wife as she didn’t find that elusive compassionate security guard..

Looking for my passport this morning as a backup ID, not that I should need it and I found my wife’s provisional driving licence.. she is staying at my parents house and has her theory driving test at 10am in Stirling.. I’ve sent photos on the slim chance that she finds a compassionate security guard at the test centre.. could happen, I guess.

I missed my early train by about 1 minute but so long as the next train is on time, I’ll make it to my test centre in Glasgow on time.. over to you ScotRail..

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Just received a very helpful email from DVLA advising that since new rules around social distancing come in to play from next Monday, there will be more available theory tests, so should I wish to change my test to an earlier time then now is the chance.. my test is at 9am tomorrow morning..

If for whatever reason you are trying to derail my brewing studies, it seems that all you need to do is introduce me to a barrel aged oat stout, aged in a cask from X distillery and accompany it with a dram of the whisky which had previously aged in the same barrel.. Apparently this is my kryptonite.. so do with that what you will but know that I will eventually become resistant to this method of sabotage.. I’m no superman..

Going to take a half day off and try to get my 2nd jab at the mobile vaccination bus today.. been 8 weeks and 1 day since the 1st so good to go.. hopefully there won’t be too massive a queue.. though an indication of significant voluntary uptake would be nice.

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As if I don’t have enough to do over the coming months, I’m currently pondering how to integrate gotosocial into my personal static website..

I’d just need to work out how best to display non-photo posts on a notes page, as I already do for webmentions posts.. maybe with a bookmarked posts tab (once implemented in gotosocial) for permanent posts and then photo posts to the photos page..and integrate each post into its own static page for seeing interactions.. basically the same as it is now but with some sort of reverse-syndication script which could be regularly triggered.. I don’t think it would be all that difficult but we’ll see :) ..

wondering also how the app will develop with regards to potentially handling formatted long posts with embedded images or if that’s too much of a pipedream..

My site linked to this account uses for pulling replies etc. but for my other site it would be nice to interact with the API directly just as I already do for syndicating from the site to here..

If I can work it out then maybe I won’t have any really need for a pixelfed instance after all..

Only thing missing from our application to move to Japan were photos.. so quick home haircut, dressed in suit from waist up, photos taken, pasted into application form and after a final proof-read will be sent via email TODAY!

Time to come up with polite reasons for not wanting to establish a craft brewery with the other wannabe brewer in the village who is all about self-marketing and not a bit about communication.. will hopefully be the most complex question in any interview but I have an idea of how to kick that one into the grass.

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The wonders of academic marking never cease to amaze me.. just found out that for the my 2nd course which I found tedious beyond compare and exerted minimal effort towards, trying only to grab a passing mark to satisfy the requirements of the postgraduate certificate that I am aiming for, I was awarded another A.. obviously, I’m not going to challenge this but I do wonder about how that happened..

Took me about 10 minutes with laravel this morning to create a user model with elevated permissions, disable registrations and hide edit buttons for non-admin..

.. moved onto what I thought was going to be a much simpler task in creating an edit/update modal..but can I get the modal fields to display the button data- values? Can I fuck, every solution I look at seems pretty much the same as the one I have but it’s not working and I’ve been knocking my head against the wall for hours..

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Finished inputting data from my first recipe book into my fledgling beer compendium database.. and am thinking that now might be the time to create a front end before mindlessly entering a seemingly endless amount of data.. thinking that I might checkout laravel for this.