I commented a couple of days ago that the only thing I’d miss by moving from pleroma to gotosocial would be markdown support.. then raised a ticket and now by gotosocial has markdown support :)

Having to clear out space in my computer paraphernalia loft for some work next week and it’s brought forward a necessary clear out.. so I’ve collected everything from the collection which is or contains data storage for mass deletion and stumbled across the only iPhone I ever owned (or ever will) .. I forgot how bound to iTunes it was.. plugged it in to charge it via USB and as soon as it had enough power to do so, it demanded to be connected to iTunes.. aye good luck with that..

It took a bit of work today (amongst a hectic day at actual work) and a fair amount of help from tobi, but I can now post to my personal website from Indigenous and have it syndicate to my #GoToSocial account. I still have to test liking, sharing, commenting via this method so not completed this part of the “write” activity quite yet.. good progress though.

From an API interaction perspective writing the “read” activity scripts to integrate likes, shares and comments from others back into my account SHOULD be easier.. but from a logic perspective there is a lot more to work out and I’m starting from scratch as this functionality is provided by brid.gy on at the moment on my other site.

Earned a beer!

Now that I have GoToSocial up and running (easiest fediverse instance install ever!), I’ll need to work out how to create an OAUTH token via a script and experiment with pulling various kinds of posts to see what payloads I get in response and work out how best to utilise the data.

I’m thinking to either send all data via the existing webmentions infrastructure but that may leave some blind spots, so the other options is to use the data directly and emulate what the existing webmentions process is doing.. I don’t think I want to replace the webmentions endpoint at this point..

Fun times

It’s true what you’ve all been hearing.. I am indeed the very first person to host GoToSocial on ARM64.. Also raised my first bug report.

I’m pretty excited about tinkering with this app, I do believe it will replace my other activitypub accounts at some point enabling me to host fewer instances.

That will require a great deal of work at my end to integrate the API into my site but I’ll get there.

How is it that in many American TV shows and movies, complete strangers,almost always somewhat dangerous looking can walk into the backdoor of a commercial kitchen and slowly, often suspiciously, maneuvre through without any challenge? I’ve worked in several commercial kitchens in Scotland and I’d like to invite you to try that shit here..

.. oh Steven Segal is it? How about we Steven Segal your arse right back oot that fuckin door ya bam!

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A surprisingly fun (and easy) task done this lunchtime. I took apart two of my legs to replace the o-rings for the first time. Of course the big test will be to see if I have tightened the connectors enough to contain gas without leaking.. ran out of time on my lunch break so will test post-work.

Intensive driving course tombola initiated.. we better be offered interviews and move to Japan now.. I am very happy as a non-driver and having to get a licence to be accepted on the programme is a little disappointing..

Anyway, details given to a “fast track” website to find me a test and instructor.. let’s hope with the current backlog, I can actually do the needful before next Spring.

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Two people I know we’re coincidentally interviewed on consecutive days by JJ Walsh of Japan Times “fame” loosely in relation to sustainability. I enjoyed them but have links to both interviewees but if you are interested in Sake, Japanese craft beer and sustainability perhaps you might also find them interesting..

First up - Andrew Russell (my kouhai and friend) who is a kurabito (Sake brewer) in Hiroshima.


Then Ken Mukai of Mukai Craft Brewing (the chap who I wrote an actual letter to back in December and who kinda mentions me (amongst a few others) though not by name towards the very end of the interview)


Those are videos 275 and 276 of JJ’s interviews, I suspect I’m going to be lost in catching up with the series for quite a while

A day off, with sunshine, beer on tap and house to myself.. a dangerous combination.. and not only because my blue skin burns like touch paper at a glimpse of the sun..

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