My mum arrived earlier just as somehow, my clan had just been deposed of the kingdom of Alba by the Norse with seemingly no eligibility to rule.. with me next in line to be King of a nation I’ve helped shape for about 120 years..

I did the irl son thing for a few hours and simultaneously filled an A5 sheet of paper with a plan to get our kingdom back.. Now before I sleep tonight progress will be made!!!

Been lamenting a few minor omissions from Crusader Kings II whilst working out mechanics of III etc. Enjoying it greatly but in the previous incarnation of the game I was never thrown a curve ball like this.. Now hooked! #CrusaderKingsIII


I was really looking forward to installing and playing Crusader Kings III this morning..

.. Now I’m really looking forward to installing and playing Crusader Kings III at 7pm this evening..

Damn these obnoxious release times!

Managed to get flash-player to work with brave on manjaro just in time to join my first uni 30 minute webinar on the 30th minute.. Thankfully it over-ran slightly so was able to parse useful information together and am now enrolled and registered for my first course!

Home from the short trip away, have had about 1 hour of sleep since my daughter woke me at 6:50 on Thursday morning.. several more hours left before I can crawl into bed..

Tick and tock seem to be distancing too..

Day 1 of my anxiety riddled few days at a caravan park with my parents, their motorhome, my wife, daughter and 3 dogs.

Put the foot down before arrival that we would not be visiting the onsite restaurant and bar under any conditions.. otherwise been keeping to ourselves and I almost felt sort of relaxed a few times..

.. I’m to sleep in the awning.. with midges so I’m sure tomorrow won’t be unnecessarily awkward.

Some very close friends visited the house today. It was great to see them but difficult and sort of awkward, situationally, hopefully not lasting.

I had really hoped that our physical distancing exempt 2 year old might share goodbye hugs where we could not but sadly tiredness hit her just before they left.

Feeling awful, whilst we all did the right thing and all knew and adhered to the restrictions, we’d never normally part like this.

Both groups have suffered loss over the past few months (neither covid-related but during lockdown) and ordinarily today would have been a hugfest..

I know in the grand scheme of things this is minor and something we’re all experiencing, but it sucked, I couldn’t even share a beer I made with one of my closest friends.

As I grow older, there is one thing that is becoming increasingly clear..

I appear incapable of typing fingers crossed on a phone without an apostrophe inappropriately injecting itself into the fray!

(Of course I managed this time but after I hit send my phone will likely detonate in 10 seconds)

Indigenous update noe in f-droid so I can now update my static sites, pleroma and pixelfed accounts all from the one app!

Not as fully featured as other more ‘mature’ fediverse apps but nice for timeline browsing etc.

OK, had a decent night’s sleep, the gout is only a minor niggle today and have a 13,192 word masters degree dissertation on “Chinese and Japanese language teachers’ attitudes towards inclusion in a Scottish university” to proofread for my wife!

Large coffee consumed, glass of water at hand and a full keg of delicious stout on tap waiting for me at the end. Let’s do this!

Had a visit from a chap offering a free boiler and insulation (floor and ceiling) survey and potential replacement again for free..

Arranged a survey towards the end of the month to give me time to try and ascertain the legitimacy of the company and scheme..

Got the ring of “too good to be true” around it.. but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.