Today is brew day number 16.. can’t quite believe the rate at which I’m ploughing through them this year.. it’s my 8th of the year already.. my 3rd in a series of SMaSH IPA beers, will aim to do 6 of these and see where I am at that point.. though, I am going to make a NEIPA next time just to add a little variety to my draught tipple availability.

Almost done with this fecking assignment.. I couldn’t feign enough interest in the subject to try for an A, so any passing grade will be fine.

Tomorrow, I just need to pare it back by 100-200 words and find some diagrams to batter in.. confirm my citations and references are right and get this all done and submitted before the first election results trickle in.

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Absolutely not giving up on the pinephone but I had a need for a daily driver phone rather than carrying two* (or forgetting to and missing messages\calls) so today I ordered a fairphone with /e/ (which may be replaced by lineageOS, we shall see)

My recycled lineageOS phone doesn’t get a good (or any) signal in the house so my pinephone currently has the SIM card.. but that’s all that the pinephone is currently used for.. hopefully this will be my last non-linux phone.

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If you are in Scotland, registered to vote and haven’t done so by post already then please go out and vote today (please wear your mask and vote safely)! If you can’t make it then you have until 5pm to designate someone to vote on your behalf, just contact your council. Also, if it is not too much to ask please vote for whichever combination of parties you feel will most effectively accelerate our departure from this dysfunctional “union”..

My Japanese wife and I voted a few weeks ago, her first vote, anywhere!

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Spent all day researching branding and marketing for my science course final assignment.. not overly interesting but that’s pretty much the de facto position for this particular course..

Still, I should be able to wrap that section up this evening and then return to the packaging stuff tomorrow.. plan is to submit it before it can intrude on my weekend, somewhat regardless of what state it is in.. legible is pretty much my target

Today was my daughter’s 3rd birthday and she pretty much decided it would be a Papa-centric day! Delighted! Every day is a different experience, most are challenging and often frustrating but despite the hardships not one of my 41 earlier years has shone light on the past three.

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Watching ‘Rogue One’, yet again and whilst, like many others I’m sure, in the cinema I spotted that planet Wobani is obviously an anagram of Obi Wan.. but I have just realised for the first time (I think) that Eadu is Yoda.. sort of, EUda.. anyway, I guess I’ll spend the rest of the movie analysing plant names.. again..

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