Today, for the first time in many years, I took a full hour for a lunch break.. went for a bike ride (also first time in years) and for the next 5 minutes am ignoring the messages sent to me that ignored my “away” status..

Feels good! Though due to my negative fitness levels I suspect the feeling will be short-lived.. regardless, will do the same again tomorrow, and the next day etc.

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Learning first hand what it is like to be a fermentation vessel this weekend.. too much live yeast still in the small sample of newest beer that has been fermenting and conditioning for four weeks.. will give it longer and also look into conversion kits for my Cornelius kegs to draw the beer from the top, rather than the bottom and avoid the sediment.. This is a lesson that I could have done without!

The Friday childminder sent a photo of a questionnaire that she had asked my daughter, mainly about favourites etc. One of the questions was “Who is your best friend?” and even though her answer had changed by the time we asked her a few hours later.. in that moment, her answer was “My Papa”.. that brought some hydration to the old eyes, that did.


My left arm is deserting me.. Trying to slide beer and gas lines in to john guest fittings is not as easy as the videos suggest.. pushing with all my might, albeit at very awkward angles and the pipes in at least 50% of the connections leak CO2 with the slightest of movement.. and I suspect a little without any motion but I can’t hear it.. resting for a while to see if I regain strength in my arm for round 3.. peched!

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Just sent a long email to another aspiring craft brewer who moved to our (hopefully) future village in rural Japan, last December. He is interning at the new brewery whose brewer I contacted by letter in December.

I can’t help myself, such is my enthusiasm about our future plans that communications about them with potential collaborators become epically long 😆

I offered, licenses permitting, to share research papers that I come across that he might find interesting.. now I need to find out if there is a fallback academic license for reports which don’t explicitly declare theirs..

Spent a few hours cooking for pleasure today, it’s a bit of a rarity as I try to compress as much brewing into the year as I can but happy with results so far!

Made a Scotch broth inspired soup to go with the rye bread my wife is baking and a batch of chili non carne for nachos later.. will make guacamole and salsa once the toddler is asleep.. first time cooking with chillies since my daughter started eating the same food as us and am very excited about eating it! All #vegan of course.

Will post some photos later when the remainder of the dish is made and nachos constructed!

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Aha! The reason that my outgoing webmention replies, likes etc. were being rejected by telegraph (or x-ray by the looks of things) was due to me inadvertently nesting the target URL in an h-cite element.. oops. Should be fixed now.. I need to follow more indieweb website feeds now. Though I have a strong preference for sites which aren’t entirely about tech topics.

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