Reading a bedtime story to my 3 year old daughter:

Daughter: that picture of a horse has a mouth but horses don’t have mouths

Me: horses do have mouths, that’s how they eat..

D: OK but cows, cows don’t have mouths..

M: cows do have mouths..

D: but pigs don’t have mouths and sheep don’t have mouths

M: they do, both pigs and sheep have mouths

D: oh ok, but fish, they don’t have mouths and they don’t have eyes

M: most fish have both mouths and eyes, in fact most animals have mouths and eyes

D: but cups though, cups don’t have mouths..

M: that’s right cups don’t have mouths, not permanently anyway

D: ok, goodnight, sit outside my room..


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Comments & Replies

alex replied to this post here

@jk that's both hilarious and adorable!

Ruaraidh replied to this post here

@jk great wee story