I appear to have been a little too late to the party and misses out on my Fierce Beer 5th anniversary pin badge..

I’m 44 years old, not at all materialistic and still genuinely disappointed by this..

the two beers I have opened have been outstanding but their birdsite account is one of the few I follow and I’m being assaulted by hundreds of photos of people receiving their box with pin badge..

I do have a unique steel logo (as per my profile pic) but the Daves & Do are pretty much my primary inspiration for the direction I want to take my own future brewery in..

so I’m mainly disappointed that I didn’t act on the former investors early access to the pre-order that I had, because I was too focussed on the work to get us to Japan..

ah well, maybe one of my friends will have pre-ordered and be willing to part with the badge.. there may be a craft beer festival ticket in there for them in exchange.


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