Back to work and uni today.. one of these things is better than the other..

My new course (on filtration and packaging) doesn’t have any prerecorded lecture materials uploaded (last course had all materials live weeks before it started) and it seems that rather than separating lectures and 1 hour live review sessions, we’ll have one almost 3 hour long weekly live session which will presumably be recorded and uploaded afterwards.. This is fine but attending an almost 3 hour session during a working day (and currently also looking after our daughter) is going to be somewhat of a stretch so I hope the uploaded sessions are available quickly. As I’m on the distance learning programme I’m not required to attend the live sessions anyway, but I did last semester and hope to be able to again this semester.

Will have to make some adjustments to my study plan as more time is going to be taken up by lectures etc. and a little less on reading.. still there are lots of guest lecturers so it should be interesting (and is probably why nothing is pre-recorded).

Still awaiting my final mark for semester 1 which I hope is shared soon.


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