Just finished watching season 1 of the space western lone wolf and cub.. was a slow burner but I enjoyed it and season 2 appears to be set up for a slightly faster pace.

こじゃんと懐かしい感じがある! Lots of nostalgia here, primarily relating to Star Wars Galaxies.. I love the fact that it shows the everyday non-epic aspects of the galaxy far far away.. which is what the old mmorpg also did..and it brings back good memories of some of my all-time favourite gaming experiences.. somehow rolling a jedi unlock pre-CU (combat upgrade) on my wookiee ranger, training in secret on far flung hostile planets, to avoid bounty boards then having to face off against other players who trained as bounty hunters when my hidden identity was spotted.

I usually did a fair amount of stunning and blinding whilst healing and force running until safety, but I remember one encounter that lasted over an hour, had to involve very fluid tactics, a mix of charging and retreating but I was nowhere near a safe house or town.. I eventually emerged victorious but what an intense battle it was.. sadly never to be repeated ..

..anyway, the thing I find strange about The Mandalorian is that not a soul seems to be aware of Yoda or his species.. its seemingly set only 5 years after return of the jedi.. it seems unlikely that no-one would be aware of him. It’s not like these characters are moisture farmers or spice runners..bounty hunters and ex-imperial soldiers would know about or at least heard of Yoda, surely.. the main character hadn’t even heard of the jedi.. wtf?


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