After a bit more time playing about with the pinephone (manjaro beta 2 with phosh), I’ve a few more observations:

  • Lack of Japanese rendering in firefox is problematic for me
  • Anbox is not great, fuzzy graphically and due to conflicts with the phosh keyboard, somewhat unusable.. but not overly concerned as I’d be happy using web apps for many web based sites..
  • However, there isn’t currently a way to create web apps with firefox that I can see..
  • I haven’t yet worked out how to add shortcuts to the “desktop” so apps live in the drawer and the main unlocked screen is an unobstructed view of my daughter.. which is lovely but I would like to be able to launch favoured apps from there too.
  • Geary seems to be the only graphical email client scaled for the phone, but it lacks functions that I deem necessary.. such as plain-text enforcement on incoming emails.
  • The OS crashes pretty frequently and as previously mentioned is pretty slow for launching apps etc. The experience is pretty clunky but there is much potential!
  • The list of apps in the default repositories is pretty small, many of those there are not yet scaled for the phone so the number of usable apps is currently small.
  • I miss auto-rotate!

I’m looking forward to checking out other OSes once I get my next uni assignment submitted.


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@Jkp @jk
..., but can you make calls and send SMS, reliably?