Some very close friends visited the house today. It was great to see them but difficult and sort of awkward, situationally, hopefully not lasting.

I had really hoped that our physical distancing exempt 2 year old might share goodbye hugs where we could not but sadly tiredness hit her just before they left.

Feeling awful, whilst we all did the right thing and all knew and adhered to the restrictions, we’d never normally part like this.

Both groups have suffered loss over the past few months (neither covid-related but during lockdown) and ordinarily today would have been a hugfest..

I know in the grand scheme of things this is minor and something we’re all experiencing, but it sucked, I couldn’t even share a beer I made with one of my closest friends.


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J K 🇯🇵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 replied to this post here

Also found out today that another close friend, I was one of his groomsmen just a handful of years ago, has just moved into a house in this town, only a few miles away. I don’t have fb, twitter, google accounts etc. so I’m not necessarily the easiest to get in touch with (but not overly difficult either) so it jars a little that I found out via a third party.