Hello #indieweb folks..

Could any of you advise on syndication of media to the mastodon api from your sites?

I’ve moved from skpy/micropub-endpoint to dg01d/nanopub and so am directly syndicating rather than posting everything via bridgy.. however, I’m struggling with media posts - I’ve amended nanopub to do what I think it should do in this regard, which is to post the media to /api/v1/media (or v2) endpoint and collate an array of returned ids which can then be used in the subsequent /api/v1/statuses post..

Despite my amendments the status posts (sans media) still work, but despite the fact I can successfully, manually curl a post request which should match that which is being constructed in nanopub, I am receiving a 400 response when I do so.. and hence no json response containing the id keys that I need for the status post which is also returning a 400 response as a result..

If any of you have a php-ish way to handle this, can you offer any guidance? I’d happily opt for another micropub endpoint but I have limited time for hacking and I’m not overly familiar with go, rust etc.


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