Finished inputting data from my first recipe book into my fledgling beer compendium database.. and am thinking that now might be the time to create a front end before mindlessly entering a seemingly endless amount of data.. thinking that I might checkout laravel for this.

Writing my Japanese resume and getting very frustrated by their templates being designed for graduates with very little experience but getting told I should include all of my jobs which were for longer then three months.. I’ve been working since I was 12.. over 30 years of jobs to fit in a tiny fecking form..

That felt like a much longer wait than it probably was but I received a contact email address for my (new to me) sister who I only recently found out about

Email sent! Hopefully I’ll have not have to wait as long for a reply from her.. excited and apprehensive.. 🍺 time, I think.

Quite the day..

visited friends in Auld Reekie who have a not yet 3 month old baby and was able to coerce him to sleep whilst his folks had their dinner..

slightly earlier we went to a pub for the first time in almost 2 years.. though if they had listened properly when I tried to book, we wouldn’t have as it turns out that they didn’t in fact do food..

being a few hours after her bed time my daughter fell asleep on my chest in the train.. so I had to carry her home for about a mile..I am not a particularly strong guy (to say the least) and you’d be forgiven for wondering if I actually have any shoulders at all.. so had to walk the whole way in a weirdly twisted position to keep her head from falling off.. did it though..

knackered and about to go lie down..

Contact established with an Irish craft brewer in the neighbouring prefecture to our future home (hopefully).. as a “quintessential Celt”* myself, I am delighted.. so that’s two thirds of a joke sorted.. I wonder if there are any English brewers on Shikoku..

  • genetically, I’m Hibernian, genetic signature is S169 which is a sub-group of S145 “the quintessential Celtic marker” according to my DNA report.

I started to compile a spreadsheet of brewing info earlier, relating to ingredients and processes gleamed from the recipe and reference books I own but have quickly realised that this is going to be a lot more useful in a proper DB.. already on 10 internally referenced sheets.. definitely makes more sense to get pgAdmin installed and start building the DB than continue to populate the spreadsheet.. but I can’t seem to stop inputting data.. send help..

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My week two yoga observation is very similar to week one’s.. it is never the part of the body that is apparently being worked on that is tired after the session.. just the auxiliary parts.. today was core focussed again and my arms and legs are tired..

this probably speaks more of just how inflexible and weak my body is than the exercise itself.. still, I’m going to presume that progress is slowly being made as the 5-10 minutes of meditation are really starting to be a feature that I look forward to during each lunch break.

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It seems that the 2000+ character Japanese essay I wrote for our introductory submission to the local government to get the ball rolling is double the length of the character limit for the supporting essay for the official application.

T’was too difficult to pare back so I’ve written a new more focussed one from scratch and the draft is sitting at 1070 characters.. Will probably be reduced a little by my wife’s editing but I’m somewhat surprised at how small the essay requirement is.. given the application form itself only asks for basics like d.o.b. and contact details.. the only other required supporting document is a CV.

Three weeks after purchasing a phone, charger and delivery fee totalling 425€, I’ve received an invoice from UPS for VAT + charge on a purchase with a matching consignment code to the phone purchase but at a value of 490€.. a) fucking Brexit.. b) eh, wtf? In what world does an item increase in value by 15% just by way of being transitted in a UPS van?

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In a sudden flurry of activity, we’ve somehow managed to book theory tests for both my wife and I, on the same day.. in different cities.. have been frequently checking for weeks and hadn’t seen a single appointment..