Just manages to whittle down the size of my homepage from about 450KB to around 85KB just by tweaking the remote font calls and downloading & cleaving the forkawesome woff2 and css files to contain only what I use.. also properly scaling profile and footer images.. could minify the css for another 5KB but given hugo doesn’t want to apply minification during processing it isn’t really worth it.

I need to go through and properly scale a whole lot of images for other pages but not a bad start.

The latest pixelfed commits seem to have fixed pixelfed <-> pixelfed federation!

Also with the exception of direct message images in the direction of pixelfed -> pleroma (which I’ve raised a ticket for), federation looks to be in a healthier state than before.

No remote avatars yet but happy to see more regular updates!

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I just refreshed my #pixelfed feed and got an “oops, something has gone wrong”.. then logged out and back in to find everything gone.. all follows etc. about 200 photos.. I still have my admin rights..

The few other accounts on the instance seem to be unaffected..

I’ve made no changes over the past few days since updating to latest code..


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In order to get non-local replies to work correctly I need to work out how to query my local mastodon\pleroma api to return the local version of the remote reply.

I can see that there is a url value in the local version that links to the remote version but the app replies to the remote version.. but the reverse is not true.. so need additional logic in my syndication code to connect the trail and reply to local rather than remote version (as my site is only authorises to post to my instance)

Will hopefully not take long…

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No, you accidentally deleted netplan from an ubuntu server and are fervently trying to find just one of your suddenly covert usb sticks..

Changed my syndication code to only use tags as content warnings if I flag the post as sensitive.. testing with and without the toggle (12)