Stern note to self: researching your impending uni assignments is the priority.. not building a second matrix server and toying about with additional site commenting.. regardless of how cool it looks and how tedious an assignment on filtration is..

Matrix-powered site commenting sounds interesting, might have to take a deeper look at and see if I can make it play nicely with my existing webmentions comments.. or build a dendrite server linked to my personal site.. hmmm..

Updated to Manjaro Phosh Beta 6 on my pinephone today, had been doing updates since beta 4 so missed some of the new stuff. Anbox now functions (after around 3 minutes to launch) and tusky worked reasonably well, but the most important android app for me (Indigenous) couldn’t complete the authentication journey so still not a replacement. I’ll test a few more android apps but I’ll probably not switch over until there are Linux equivalents (scaled) for the apps I use most often.

Haven’t tested since the reinstall but the recent update to the modem wakes the phone from sleep much more quickly when receiving calls, which is great!

The shallow well of 80 shilling puns appears to have run dry.. struggling to come up with a blog title..

Brew day! Watching the boil and waiting for hop addition number 2 and I’ve already drafted the blog post.. WHAAAT? So obviously, all is going well thus far. It’s my first unique recipe, so fingers crossed!

From the mouths of babes..

After a 10km walk today I was standing at the door waiting for our dog to come in, I had a bag of spicy peanuts from Lidl in hand and was looking forward to a beer..

My almost 3 year old daughter launched an inquisitive line of questioning about the bag in my hand, were they for the dog? what were they? etc. Culminating in the (genuine) question, ”Does mama not love Papa’s nuts?”

.. to which, after confirming the question, I merely responded “not as much as she used to”

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Thinking about how I pull all of the calculations from a multi-marker GPX file that I might want to display on a webpage..

The file contains start time then multiple track segments with latitude, longitude, elevation, speed and time elements in each.

For total distance I’d need to figure out how to measure between the coordinates and elevations of each consecutive segment (?) and then total each of these.

Duration should be easy, it’s just the difference between the first and last timestamp - though modifications are probably required for pauses.. however those are measured..

Pace, I gather would be duration divided by distance.. my quick calculations on this aren’t exactly the same as the apps, but presumably this is down to number of decimal places being used in the calculations..

Which leaves calories burned.. this will require a constant for my weight but other than that I’ve no idea..

Then output all of that into a yaml file for Hugo to render..

Seems like a big job.. I wonder if there is a Linux command line tool that can do all of this already?

These are the steps I may need to take to avoid google and JavaScript..

Hugo challenge no. 16473829

How to paginate a single page populated by data files?

Probably very easy but ill- or crypitically-documented, as per usual.

Bit of a dreich day for my 2nd lunchtime bike ride.. but I am of rain, I was born in Scotland, dreich is my daily driver, a wee bit of rain and wind won’t stop me… Only my resistant legs can do that! 33 minutes more of this psyching up to go.

Going to give FitoTrack a go today.

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What I should be doing and will attempt to start this evening: research for boring assignment due in 3 weeks

What I will try not to get side-tracked by this evening: pre-emptively working out how, or hacking a way to, automatically upload and display gpx files from bike rides to a section of my personal website.. or literally anything else.