After a wee server audit today, I discovered that my funkwhale instance (which I hadn’t forgotten I had) was on a dedicated SBC, even though I rarely use it and every day use apps are squashed onto shared SBCs (which cope very well).. so I’ve chucked a jellyfin server on there, it seems to have improved a bit since I last checked it out..

.. I suspect that once the jellyfin f-droid app is updated to the latest version, and if I can actually sign into my instance with it then it will signal the end of the funkwhale instance. I like funkwhale but I don’t use it much, jellyfin is a better match for me.

Today was definitely my most productive brew day yet, aside from the main task, I cleaned 2 beer lines, kegged previous beer and cleaned fermenter, disassembled | sanitised | reassembled another keg with replacement o rings, descaled the coffee machine and cleaned a seemingly endless supply of dishes coming from the ladies of the house.. oh and managed to quickly draft an overdue short blog post about brew day #17 (today was #21). Then made popcorn and watches ‘Brave’ with my daughter.

Enjoying a beer now whilst cooking dinner.

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I made a big vegan lasagne this afternoon and am instantly regretting horsing down 3 portions.. I have 2-3 hours of cleaning and sanitising brewing equipment ahead of me tonight and I am stuffed!

Added cactus comments to my soon™ to be retired website linked to this account. Had spent most of today trying to get it to work with dendrite for my other site, convincing myself I had messes up the appservice install bit then I tried against a synapse backend and it worked immediately.. haven’t enabled guest access so matrix account required.. that website now receives comments via webmentions, activitypub and cactus comments.

Will give me a chance to play about with it until dendrite is a bit more mature and I can switch to it and enable on my personal site.

Very cool idea, but glad synapse had spaces implemented before I played with it.

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Having a very, very frustrating issue with one of my servers. A ‘hostname -I’ returns two IP addresses for the host.. one valid, the other.. not.. trying to communicate between servers always seems to announce the invalid IP address so comms fail.. I can’t for the life of me find anywhere that has the incorrect IP address defined/stored so at a loss of how to resolve this

Finally checking out #Bookwyrm it looks good, most difficult aspect of it is trying to remember when I finished reading my books

In our absence from our house last week some s.o.b. has installed a pressure plate or motion sensor or something around our front door steps and linked it directly to the weather system..

Lunch time, I needed to go to my daughter’s new nursery to pick up some paperwork, about a 20 minute walk.. looked out of the window and it was a little bit drizzly.. as soon as sole hit slab it turned immediately into a torrential rainstorm which grew in intensity the further from my front door I reached.. completely drenched.

We’ve finally received an acknowledgement of our applications to move to Japan, it doesn’t give much away but suggests that we might need to have interviews at nonsensical times of the day, because of the time difference and the apparent demi-godesque status of the village (approx 4,000 people) mayor.. and (presumably) his timetable..

.. this has wound me up the wrong way.. you apparently only get an interview if you have been accepted.. we both have jobs and childcare we have to work around.. but the mayor can’t schedule a time that suits us all, for people he wants to move to his village ..really?

So I have wake up at something like 4am after probably 1 hour of sleep for an interview in a language I am far from fluent in (when awake) just to satisfy his fucking ego? Not going to happen..

..either they want us or they don’t and the man with the job of mayor will have to show a little bit of flexibility if he wants us to move to his village.

Oooh it seems that I now have a date for my driving test.. and it’s on a date that I should definitely be able to remember, remember..

.. now fingers crossed they can line up an intensive course and the instructor lends me their car for the test..

As someone who took down the satellite dish and disconnected the TV aerial antenna upon moving in to our house about 7 years ago.. I’m finding the experience of watching terrestrial TV and the channels' catch up apps both infuriating and sickening..

The sheer volume of ads is infuriating and much more than 7 years ago.. the content of a large volume is “Brexit is great” and it’s bloody sickening.. though I am in Grampian TV region so could just be the Tory influence up here.. though my suspicion is that it’s widespread.