Just coming to the end of 2.5 hours of cleaning and sanitising brewing equipment for tomorrow and I accidentally snap my only fermenter airlock..

.. I guess tomorrow’s brewday will be on the 8th iteration of tomorrow

After 3 weeks of fermenting and another 3 weeks of conditioning, I’m just sampling my first original recipe 80/- .. It seems to have a very prominent caramel flavour which is a little unexpected, but awesome.. I think the next one (ready in 3 weeks) will be better and more appropriate for my plans but this is surprisingly drinkable.. work needed on the aroma however.. I hope there is still some left in 3 weeks time for comparative reasons..

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It’s my daughter’s 3rd birthday soon and when asked what she wants for her birthday she replied, “A cuddly dinosaur”. Over the past week or so, I’ve been reading her books about Nessie in order to steer the direction of traffic to our most famous “dinosaur”, thinking that a) this might be our last year in Scotland and b) it’ll be easier to buy here…

.. I REALLY wish I had taken a moment to search for cuddly Nessie’s before I made this decision.. trying to find a Nessie without a tartan bunnet, kilt and/or bagpipes that even vaguely resembles Nessie and is cuddly is going to be much more of a challenge than finding a cuddly triceratops..


“Thoughts and prayers” to Edinburgh, currently Duke-less, almost certainly against its will and quite possibly unknowingly.. how will my former place of domicile possibly cope? Just as there was a faint bright light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, this horrific tragedy is bestowed upon the auld reekie.. I can only imagine the once proud city is at a complete standstill and simultaneously everyone is rampantly looting whilst they trample over one another to grieve at some popup monarchical shelter..

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We had our initial chat with the local government folks this morning about hopefully moving to the village next year under their rural initiative scheme. Though I didn’t say much myself.. seems like I can definitely apply and there were positive vibes.. just need to initially submit an introduction to ourselves and our plans from which it will be ascertained if both of us can apply or just me.

Interesting times lie ahead.


I have a new entry at the very top of my pixelfed wishlist, that just once, a new feature would work on my instance on the day of release… More than once would be great but for the time being just once would be a huge step forward.

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Ach balls! I’ve forgotten my dendrite account password and somehow not saved it to my password manager despite presumably setting it via there.. Dendrite has no command line password reset ability from what I can see and nor can I intitiate the password recovery process via either fluffy chat or element web.. the only option is a password reset in app in fluffy chat which requests the existing password..

Woohoo pixelfed instance updated to the latest commits and network timeline enabled!

..and so far it is only populated by the same posts as my home timeline.. two home timelines are better than one, right?

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Just got my marks back from the first assignment from this tedious course, for which I applied as minimal effort as I could.. just shy of an A.. had I opened and reviewed the document after upload to the submission software and noticed that some of my figures/diagrams had been omitted, then corrected this then quite possibly it would have stumbled across the line but it’ll do.

In the past few weeks I’ve been sent a job advert for a head brewer at a nearby-ish brewery, the owner of which is a good friend of one of my close friends, my favourite brewery (which is too far away) advertised a position in their brew house and now they are looking for a manager for their Edinburgh pub!

The first two jobs, I am not yet ready for.. the latter I have the experience and know-how to apply for and it’s sorely tempting but it would sadly derail our future plans.. I must demonstrate patience! Hopefully less than a year left of working in IT.. my time will come.