Six years on and Stanley Odd’s ‘Son I voted yes’ still manages to extract tears..

Back in early 2019 I pre-ordered a Librem 5 which I’m STILL fecking waiting for.. I suspect that when the pine64 site is back up, I could pre-order the manjaro pinephone and play about with it for a while before the librem 5 sees the light of day if it ever does..

Then, if the pinephone is close enough to usable as a daily driver then I’ll go through the undoubtedly tricky process of requesting a refund for the Librem 5 (bought it through a company which I’ve since had to close down).

I have multiple pine64 devices which I’ve always been very impressed by, hence buying more. I have one other purism device.. and I am less impressed by it (hardware clock resets to 1970 if battery dies, wifi receiver is poor compared to other devices, pureOS maps back to a different key layout every so often)..

Pine64 are awesome at community updates etc. Purism are woeful at this and only send occasional marketing emails that pretend to be updates..

Note to self (specifically my pen wielding right hand): a yeast cell is an eukaryotic cell (microbiology) and not in fact an eurocratic cell (politics)

Spent an outrageous amount of time getting image alt text to work on my ‘other’ website when posting using indigenous.. got there in the end but a frustrating day with zero studying.. I’ll make up for that tomorrow..

Then I’ll need to do the same for this site and test if really does send alt test to the mastodon api..

Been on the to do list for a while and glad to have made progress, accessibility is important.. plus unlike adding content warning capabilities to a client, it is something I can actually action.

Still no food photos via this site until I can CW them.

I’m so tired that every time my daughter says mama tonight my brain is incapable of applying its normal bohemian rhapsody muting filter..

First savoury cooking session with my daughter today, made guacamole and she was very attentive throughout the whole process.

She even helped with prep for the three bean chilli.

Happy papa!

My first course relating to the microbiology and biochemistry of brewing starts “gently” next week!

I already know what my two assignments will be and am excited to get started.. tomorrow!

Ooh a free webinar about the Scottish Brewing Archive Association.. that sounds interesting, where do I sign…

“To join this webinar please download Zoom”

OK, bye now..

Had to install MS Teams on my linux desktop today.. and request to join a few Linkedin groups.. not feeling good about either of these activities but I ain’t building a windows pc just for study purposes and it was either Linkedin, google or facebook.. since I am being pushed down a MS path by the university, it’s the lesser evil..

I’m otherwise pretty excited about getting started though, had an induction session today and am now a member of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling which is nice.. if not pricey.

Productive day but more administration than studying unfortunately.

Only a few weeks until my first PgDip course begins. From Monday, I’ll be getting back into the swing of studying by reading and understanding the pre-reading book suggested by the university to prepare me for my first microbiology course!

I’ve not studied science since higher Physics which was in 5th year of high school some 28 years ago.. and I’m playing a little bit loose with the definition of study here..

Challenging but fascinating times await!