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Quintessentially Celtic, vehemently Viking, passionately European, unashamedly, proudly Scottish, craft beer and single malt whisky lover, enthusiastic cook, vegan, perpetually exhausted dad, pronouns: he/him

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It seems like every time #pixelfed eeks closer to a v1 release and that (comparatively) boring polish stage where notifications are fixed, remote profile avatars are loaded.. discover pages correctly calculate posts (including individual images from albums/multi-image posts), discover federates..see more replies link is a link and not just underlined text.. a properly developed and documented api..

… a flurry of new features that subjectively should be post v1.0 are rapidly advertised..

.. or the MicroUI is teased (yet again)

Mr Dan S Up.. I love your project and support your work, I frequently contribute (via feedback and issues raised) and I get that introducing new features is much more exciting than the grind of functional fixes.. but 1.0 isn’t going to arrive unless the fundamentals all work as they should (across platform, DB flavour etc.)

Maybe you could concentrate in competing with instagram on a feature basis when you a solid, reasonably bug free and perhaps a slightly feature-lesser form