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Quintessentially Celtic, vehemently Viking, passionately European, unashamedly, proudly Scottish, craft beer and single malt whisky lover, enthusiastic cook, vegan, perpetually exhausted dad, pronouns: he/him

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The 0300 number for Scotland in the photo is not a different line to Scottish NHS or Scotland specific test results centre.. still to the UK test and protect centre.. indeed this isn’t a Scotland specific card, it is from the UK government.. so the same service just with a fee for Scotland, because you know..

Called this morning to check a test result for our daughter which should have been sent to use by now.. seems like they have lost her results.. glad I paid for that call..

The bottom of a UK government PCR test receipt care giving two phone lines for additional help.  the first is a free phone number for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.. the second is a charges line for Scotland.

Identifying mushrooms is hard! Picked these whilst out for a walk earlier and have only managed to identify less than half..

Any advice on identification appreciated! I have a couple of books that I am reading through but they obviously can’t capture every known species..

#fungiverse #sporeverse

A wooden tray with 13 different species of mushroom of various sizes, shapes and colours.

After a wee server audit today, I discovered that my funkwhale instance (which I hadn’t forgotten I had) was on a dedicated SBC, even though I rarely use it and every day use apps are squashed onto shared SBCs (which cope very well).. so I’ve chucked a jellyfin server on there, it seems to have improved a bit since I last checked it out..

.. I suspect that once the jellyfin f-droid app is updated to the latest version, and if I can actually sign into my instance with it then it will signal the end of the funkwhale instance. I like funkwhale but I don’t use it much, jellyfin is a better match for me.