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Quintessentially Celtic, vehemently Viking, passionately European, unashamedly, proudly Scottish, craft beer and single malt whisky lover, enthusiastic cook, vegan, perpetually exhausted dad, pronouns: he/him

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Ooh the launch time for Firefox on Manjaro phosh beta 6 is down to about 5-6 seconds from 12-15.. still not particularly well adjusted for the small screen, adding add-ons and using menus are somewhat frustrating but a nice speed improvement.

We almost made it..

My daughter is 3 in a few months time and it looked like we were just going to happily drift past the terrible twos phase.. but in the past couple of weeks she has firmly rooted herself in her new found hellborne role and I suspect that’s us for the next decade or two..

.. so close (yes, I know it doesn’t magically vanish when she hits 3).. still.. only 24 minutes until bed time..

Had a pretty productive day of studying, and although most of the material I read is snooze inducing, I read one journal article (out of 20+) which was interesting and I think I’ll follow up post-assignment.

It was around the reuse of spent hops as a post-fermentation fining agent.. I like the idea of being able to reuse an essentially single use ingredient at a later stage in the process to aid with sedimentation/clarification.. especially since I’ve no intention of using collagen from tropical fish bladders in my brewing process..